A Marine Adventure

My wife and I had always dreamed of sailing around the coast of North Wales. I used to sail quite a bit in my younger days, and I used to holiday to North Wales as a child and often thought it was among the most magical locations I have ever been to. We decided to use the fantastic new service European Yacht Charter which provided us with a number of selections available, centred on location, type, brand and size. We settled on a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey as we have read some very good reviews.

The interior of the boat was spacious and clean, absolutely perfect for our weekend odyssey looping around the historical island of Anglesey and back again.

We embarked on our journey from Conwy Marina.

On Thursday Morning we arrived, with a flask of tea in-hand, and our suitcases ready with changes of clothes and all the equipment that we would need for our trip that didn’t come as standard on the boat. As the owner handed the keys over, he gave us some tips on our voyage as a man who is well travelled in the area.

We set off from Conwy, sailing along the waters of North Wales coastline we were treated to a view of the majestic Conwy Castle from the sea – a perspective that I had never before witnessed, behind it, the awesome might of Conwy Mountain rose highly, as if waving us off on our travels.

We glided around the Powerful and ancient majesty of the Great Orme, and the island of Anglesey finally came into view.

An Isle of Birds

As we edged closer, we saw the fabulously adorable islet of ‘Puffin Island’. This is a gorgeous location for nesting seabirds which perch on the rocky outcrop on the island. Although Puffin Island’s population of puffins was once 2,000 strong, however, due to a rat infestation the population was reduced to just a very few pairs, however, thanks to conservation efforts, the island’s population is now up to 300 birds. The rocks are also home to 750 pairs of cormorants.

Finally, we edged closer to the mouth of the Menai Strait between the great island of Anglesey and mainland Wales. This must be done at high tide.

The Menai’s water seems like it belongs in some other far-reaching corner of the globe, but there it is, a wonderful azure and shimmering strait surrounded on either side with trees and crossed by two beautiful bridges.

An Ancient Town

As we exited the other side of the strait we glided to Caernarfon where we had arranged to dock in the harbour.

Caernarfon is a bustling and wonderful town filled with life and surrounded on all sides by ancient castle walls. The town is notable for being a very Welsh town indeed, with most locals speaking the beautiful and poetic language of Welsh.

After a delicious pub meal and a pint of local craft ale at the Black Boy Inn, we had a great night’s sleep in the boat’s cabin.

Anglesey Journeys

Early morning we sailed with the tide, and set off to begin our journey around Anglesey. Plotting course for the famous Llanddwyn Island – this trip was on our anniversary, so to have the opportunity to check out the ‘Isle of Lovers’ with our own eyes from the ocean we were excited to say the least.

Further on we approached the towering ‘South Stack’, with it’s lighthouse standing tall over the bay which it overlooks.

We then sailed back to Conwy and looked back on the trip. The highs, the lows, the tailwinds, the struggles – all in all we were so grateful we had the opportunity to experience this fantastic journey. It survives in my memory as the most gorgeous location to ever have visited.

We’re really glad we decided to go with yacht charter and go on this trip.

Diolch yn Fawr

David Jones