Good Wine Online

About Good Wine Online

Small, fiercely independent family business. The focus is on sourcing, importing and selling artisan wines directly from small producers. Making genuine handcrafted wines far more accessible to the general public – there are plenty of commercially drive wine retailers out there, but the unique selling point of Good Wine Online is that ensure our wines have a superior quality. The UK market leader for sulphite free wines, offering some of the very best examples available.


Good Wine Online put the emphasis on bringing their customers wines that have been made with real passion and pride, usually in small family-owned wineries – not commercial factories. They seek out top quality handcrafted wines which have been made naturally, with minimal chemicals and additives.

Specialising in quality boutique wines from all of the main wine producing regions, but with particular emphasis on Argentina, South Africa, Italy and also Spain. Offering wines from well-established wineries such as Dominio del Plata, Ernie Els and Zenato.

For “old world” they source wines from tiny artisan family wineries in Spain, Italy and France – with a strong focus on natural wines for virtually all countries covered. Many of these natural wines also happen to be sulphite free, some are also organically certified with minimal sulphur, and some are just considered to be good natural wines which have been produced properly with minimal intervention. If you wanted something “new world”, the wines that they stock from Argentina and South Africa.

It has been a number of weeks since we received your wines and I can only say that it has been a revelation to drink them. I have very strong reactions to a lot of wine, migraines mostly, but no reaction whatsoever to the wines we have purchased from you. Not only that, the quality of wine, the taste, texture, all of it, has been revolutionary for us. The biggest challenge has been restraint! We just want to keep trying them. Looking forward to putting our next order in in the coming week or so, Best regards and many many thanks. I wish we had found your site earlier!!

– Ben

Phone: 01492 580105