Parkland Place - Residential Rehab

If you are planning to make a start on your recovery from addiction, then why not do it at a luxury alcohol and drug rehab facility nestled in a beautiful area of North Wales. Parkland Place implements the very latest and most effective of treatments, combining psychological retraining and cognitive behavioural based therapies with holistic healing and wellbeing techniques.

With so many famously beautiful natural locations around, including settings like Snowdonia National Park, Anglesey, and the Llyn Peninsula all within reaching distance, it makes sense why people want to come to a peaceful location to properly recuperate from the trauma that life deals us all. It’s a known fact that people respond better to treatment when surrounded by natural scenery and ocean so Parkland Place is in an ideal location.

Parkland place is operated by CAIS a registered charity with more than four decades of expertise in supporting people worth substance misuse conditions and behavioural addictions.

They aim to restore guests to abstinence and assist them in building their recovery capital and to renew the personal and professional aspects of their lives to its full capacity with fresh ideas and goals. we help each other by building a recovery community, by learning and supporting each other day after day.

Guests are required to be and remain sober at all times during their stay at parkland place. many guests require structured medical detox before continuing a recovery journey with us. there is a no-fuss access to their partner clinic in Salus Withnell hall which includes transfers resulting in a solid and seamless therapy experience.

Parkland Place won’t keep you inside all day – not at all – far from it in fact, with trips and excursions around some of North Wales’ most breath-taking and poignant locations.

In-house, you will also be treated to some fantastic service, be in world-class food, complementary therapies and top treatment from leading professionals.

They assist you in areas such as – activity scheduling and maintaining motivation.

Identifying and challenging any belief led behaviours that might be held, manging your addiction cravings and urges, managing emotions such as anger, practising assertiveness, managing depression and a low mood, managing social anxiety as well as reducing panic.
Tel: 01492 203 421